McCord’s Candy Canes

$4.50 each

The famous hand-pulled, hand-made candy cane unlike any other. Flavor and tradition meet in this candy, made with love!


McCord Candies is known for it’s famous Candy Cane! We are dedicated to the handmade process, which does limit production, but this is what makes our canes so special!

The McCord’s family makes every single cane like it is a little piece of art. We make them with natural ingredients, real cane sugar and, most importantly, love! Since 1912, McCord Candies has been making these amazing candy canes, and we still use the same recipe, the same equipment and the same techniques as was used 100+ years ago!

The magical thing about our Canes is that, though they all have the same great flavor, they won’t all have the same cane texture. A traditional McCord’s Candy Cane is soft, like a buttermint. Though some canes, depending on the external elements of temperature and humidity at the time of their making, will be harder and crunchier in texture, most have a soft and melty texture that makes them classic. No other Candy Cane is like a McCord’s Candy Cane!

PLEASE NOTE: For cost efficient shipping/handling, a minimum of 10 canes is required in order that we ship them to your location. We cannot guarantee that all canes will come intact. We do our absolute best to wrap them with care, each are individually bubble-wrapped and carefully packaged; but, the farther they go, the higher chance for breakage (especially if the carriers are feeling holiday aggressive 😉 If it is important to you that your canes are hooks and not bits, please do purchase a couple extra to account for potential breakage. Thank you for your understanding.

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Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions 10 × 2.5 × 4 in


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