Christmas Beauty Pack




In this beauty pack you have the best of 3 worlds…
1. Candy Cane shower steamer. Let this sit in your tub as you shower and it will open your pores and your senses as you breath in the sweet smell of candy canes!
2. The ABSOLUTE BEST face scrub, ever! Once you’ve used it, you won’t go back! There is really no face scrub like it, so we had to have it turned in to something just for McCord’s – feel this instant moisturizing and revitalizing scrub that will make you keep rubbing your face saying ‘wow’!
3- Candy Cane lip balm! Because who doesn’t love a lip balm that is actually healing AND makes you want to eat it!

This is a great gift set for family, friends, or YOU! Enjoy the sweet smell and healing power of the candy cane!